International Conference AI in PRODUCTION

09/24 until 09/25/2019 in Hannover


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    The age of artificial intelligence has dawned and many companies are already using self-learning and semi-autonomous systems. AI is becoming the decisive global competitive factor for manufacturing companies in Germany.

    The implementation of AI in production presents all participants with completely new challenges, which must be mastered in the future and tackled today.

    The new conference “AI in PRODUCTION” is aimed at all those responsible for turning AI into technical reality in an economically viable way. Here you can find out – beyond buzzwords – what is already feasible today and what will be possible tomorrow.

    Get to know already implemented AI solutions from world market leaders, meet like-minded people and discuss opportunities, limits and risks with the experts on site.

    As a beacon event, the conference shows the current state of the manufacturing industry in Germany on the subject of AI. The aim is to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular for technology dynamics and sensitization to the topic of AI. Practical applications will be shown.

    We are looking forward to your participation!

    The topics of the conference are aligned to the essential questions of the industry, which arise with the planning and conversion of KI projects:

    1. Status of AI in Production in Germany and International

    • What is AI, when does AI even make sense?
    • Goals, benefits and possibilities for using AI in production
    • International comparison of Germany, market overview and application examples
    • Status of the AI in politics, research and industry

    2. Implementation of AI in production

    • Data collection, strategy and approach
    • Identification of suitable use cases and pilot projects
    • Make or Buy Decisions, What role do Start-Ups play?

    3. AI and personnel: education and training

    • Up-skilling/self-learning systems
    • Education and training worldwide
    • Impact of AI on the education system

    4. AI and Infrastructure: Cloud, Data Management, Certification and Legal Status

    • Cloud-based AI
    • Data acquisition and data management
    • Legal bases, e.g. AI and IP addresses, legal framework and perspectives
    • Certification in production

    5. Use Cases: AI- Best Practice and Success Factors

    • Machine learning in production
    • Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring
    • Smart assistance systems
    • Robotics and automated production systems



    target group

    • Managing Director, CEO, CIO, CDO
    • Head of Technology, Production and Manufacturing Planner
    • Work and Operations Managers – Data Scientists, Data Analysts
    • Product manager, development manager
    • Sales Manager, Head of Service, Logistics, Assembly
    advisory board
    Dr. Ralf Brunken

    Volkswagen AG

    advisory board
    Dr. Kai Engel

    A.T. Kearney GmbH

    advisory board
    Dr. Volker Franke

    HARTING Applied Technologies GmbH

    advisory board
    Dr. Guido Hertel

    A.T. Kearney GmbH

    advisory board
    Gerald Pörschmann

    Mechanical Engineering Future Alliance

    advisory board
    Prof. Dr. Martin Ruskowski


    advisory board
    Andreas Strutz

    Volkswagen AG

    advisory board
    Dr. Christian Teutsch


    key topics

    • Machine learning in production
    • Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring
    • Smart assistance systems
    • Smart Data Analyses / Industrial Analytics
    • Robotics and automated production systems
    • knowledge processing
    • AI in logistics, service etc.
    • Implementation of AI in personnel, training

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