International Conference Blockchain Business Models

02/12 until 02/13/2019 in Berlin

Blockchain as Industry AcceIerator – Case Studies

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    A technology that organizes data security in swarms: The blockchain claims to solve nothing less than the confidence problem of the entire human race. Either by bank transferrals, contracts or technical parameters – the inseparably linked data blocks should prevent any manipulation by third parties. Because trustworthy instances and middlemen are no longer needed, machines can conclude binding contracts, too. So is the blockchain the reinvention of the Internet – and the future basis of the economy and society? With the decentralized regulatory corset, the water or energy supply should be just as comprehensively organized as the pension and health system. Those great visions must prove their potential in test applications first. From transparent production and supply chains to autonomous mobility services: The conference Blockchain Business Models does not focus on the technology hype, but on resilient business models. The progress in efficiency will be discussed in detailed showcases, but problems of the blockchain will be analyzed in these applications, too.

    World Cafés

    Criteria for a Blockchain Use Case and how to Identify a good one
    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Prinz, Fraunhofer FIT

    Governance – How does Control and Governance work in Decentralised Cooperation Networks?
    Thomas Müller, CEO, evan GmbH

    Advisory board
    Dr. Joachim Becker

    Journalist, Süddeutsche Zeitung

    Advisory board
    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Prinz

    Vice Chair Fraunhofer FIT and Head of CSCW Research Department

    Advisory board
    Peter Kohlschmidt

    CEO, draglet GmbH

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    Ingo Martin

    Bereichsleitung / Project Management Automotive & Industrial Technology
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