International Workshop: Brexit – Opportunity or Threat for your Business?

06/06/2019 in Frankfurt
07/04/2019 in Munich

Legal and Economic Challenges for the Automotive Supply Industry

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    The legal implications of the UK’s departure from the EU remain in a state of flux leading up to exit day on 29 March. We will provide auto-motive suppliers with a detailed and up to date overview of the current Brexit situation and how that is likely to impact on the automotive sec-tor in the UK and the EU. The seminar will be presented by experienced lawyers from our automotive group based in England and Germany who have been monitoring and evaluating the implications of Brexit for this sector.

    The session will focus on a number of key areas including:

    Economic impact of Brexit on the automotive sector: we will look at the implications for the automotive sector in England of Brexit and issues facing those suppliers dealing with manufacturers in the UK including supply chain and tariff issues.

    Contractual legal implications: we will assess how Brexit will affect contractual negotiations including what does Brexit mean for the agreed mode of transport according to Incoterms (EXW, DAT, DAP), what additional costs can be caused by the Brexit and who has to bear them, how are OEM’s addressing Brexit in revised Terms for Purchase for Production Material, as well as wider contractual risks related to Brexit and potential legal solutions to address these risks.

    Regulatory Impact of Brexit: we will be looking at how potential changes to regulation as a result of Brexit may impact on the sector with a particular focus on type approval and product safety is.

    Workshop leader
    Jonathan Speed

    Partner, Bird&Bird, London

    Workshop leader
    Julian Dirksen

    Attorney, Bird&Bird, Frankfurt

    Workshop leader
    Russell Williamson

    Attorney, Bird&Bird LLP, London

    The presentations will be based on practical cases and examples where this is possible.
    We invite you to take this opportunity to profit from the many years of experience of our seminar leaders to avoid the risks of the Brexit for your business. The seminar will be led in English but, if required, topics and questions specifically tailored to the German automotive supply industry can also be given in German.

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