Workshop on WLTC and RDE: PEMS Measurements in Practice

31 December 2019 | tba

This workshop will be conducted if 15 participants are registered. The venue will be defined according to the provenance of the majority or participants. Register now!

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    The Current European Emission Legislation.

    The emissions legislation was supplemented on September 1, 2017 by RDE legislation and a new test cycle.

    What does this mean in concrete terms? Will the WLTC be operating in addition to the NEDC as of this date? Which test cycle is suitable for emissification, which for the individual CO2 label? And which ones are relevant for fleet consumption?

    What changes in inertia class settings and weight determination for the driving resistances? In this practical seminar you will learn about the differences between NEDC and WLTC, the latest regulations leading to the large-scale introduction of the gasoline particulate filter and the current and future fleet limits. What does RDE (Real-World Driving Emissions) mean for the design of future exhaust systems?

    In addition, you will take part in a vehicle demon-stration with PEMS and experience in practice how a mobile exhaust gas test is carried out.

    Your main topics

    1st workshop day:

    • The EURO 6 emissions legislation
    • The nitrogen oxide problem with diesel engines
    • Real driving emissions RDE legislation
    • Determination of current and future fleet limits

    2nd workshop day:

    • Determination of a possible RDE test track
    • Introduction of the PEMS device and theoretical function
    • Drive of participants with active PEMS measurement

    The workshop is aimed at

    • Suppliers for combustion engines
    • Applications engineers
    • Electronics specialists for OBD systems
    • Test bench drivers
    • Type Approval Specialists
    • All those who deal with emission tests
    • From the piston to the seal manufacturers all who deal with combustion engines, emissions and fleet consumption

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