Automotive Software ­Strategies

27 April until 28 April 2022 | Munich and digital

Managing #AutonomousDriving, #CustomerFunctions, #Services

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    The Software Defined Vehicle will be a game changer for the automotive industry.

    Learn about the challenges of developing the Software Defined Vehicle and how to incorporate open source software into your long-term strategy. You can also find out about the latest regulations with regard to cybersecurity. Proven experts will show you how to perform efficient data management with Over The Air Updates. Find out about cross-generational software development and process design.

    But not only the technical side is decisive but also the right choice of software engineers. Learn how to attract software engineers and retain them in the long term.

    Discover in our picture gallery the most exciting highlights and most beautiful impressions of the past event!

    Advisory Board
    Markus Blonn


    Advisory Board
    Prof. Dr. Andreas Braasch

    IQZ Wuppertal / Hochschule Ruhr West

    Advisory Board
    Simon Fürst


    Advisory Board
    Andreas Herzig


    Advisory Board
    Oliver Linthe

    Volkswagen China

    Advisory Board
    Dr. Maximilian Miegler

    Volkswagen AG Car. SW Org.

    Advisory Board
    Jürgen Müller


    Advisory Board
    Dr. Ralf Petri

    VDE e. V.

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    Main Topics 2022:

    • Trends in the Chinese automotive industry
    • Entry of new players like “Tencent” into the automotive industry
    • What can we expect from China?
    • Digital business models in China
    • Challenges with the Software Defined Vehicle
    • Cooperations between OEM and Tier1 and Tier2s
    • Automotive Open Source Software (OSS) at the Eclipse Foundation – from adaoption to a strategic approach
    • strategies for attracting and retaining new employees
    • Hardware-Software –Co-Design
    • Computing platform – new vehicle architectures
    • Data management – Data-Driven Development


    Anne von Türckheim-Horch

    Projektleitung / Project Manager Automotive & Industrial Technology
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