Automotive Software ­Strategies

15 March until 16 March 2022 | Munich and digital

Managing #AutonomousDriving, #CustomerFunctions, #Services

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    Software is the new hardware, but can it also detect hardware errors?

    The compulsion for higher software quality is omnipresent in the automotive industry. At the same time, established suppliers and OEMs get under competitive pressure from start-ups. Exhaust gas control (reduction and reporting), vehicle safety, cybersecurity and autonomous driving challenge the software developers. A large amount of data comes together and must be protected accordingly. Besides, new regulatory and normative requirements such as ISO/SAE 21434 and the UNECE regulation on cybersecurity require the establishment of a Cyber Security Management Systems (CSMS).

    The “software is the new hardware” credo is also leading to organizational changes, with quality assurance having to focus more on software development and technical compliance. Risk assessments and process audits must be organized and evaluated if a compliance safe vehicle is to be brought to market.

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    Markus Blonn


    Advisory Board
    Prof. Dr. Andreas Braasch

    IQZ Wuppertal / Hochschule Ruhr West

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    Simon Fürst


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    Andreas Herzig


    Advisory Board
    Oliver Linthe

    Volkswagen China

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    Dr. Maximilian Miegler

    Volkswagen AG Car. SW Org.

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    Jürgen Müller


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    Dr. Ralf Petri

    VDE e. V.

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    Main Topics 2020:

    • Transformation to a Software Driven Company
    • Software and AI
    • Technical Compliance – How to achieve it efficiently?
    • ISO/SAE 21434 and the UNECE regulation on Automotive Cybersecurity
    • Challenges for Hardware and Software
    • Open Source in Safety-Critical Automotive Systems
    • Software Logistics
    • Automotive Cloud


    Anne von Türckheim-Horch

    Projektleitung / Project Manager Automotive & Industrial Technology
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