Automotive ­Battery

07/02 until 07/03/2019 in Munich

Key Technology for Electric Vehicles

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    The first conference: Automotive Battery, which took place on 2-3 July 2019 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Munich, was a great success. We started with a battery laboratory tour in the newly built battery laboratory of SGS in Munich Geretsried. Here we learned a lot about: Electronic components, climatic and mechanical environmental simulations, as well as on highly accelerated stress screens and battery tests with corrosion and dust. It was very interesting. In the evening the dinner speech of Dr. Joachim Damasky, Managing Director Technology and Environment at the Association of the Automotive Industry followed. He gave a very exciting presentation about: “The Role of e-Mobility to Realize the Climate Targets in Germany and Europe.

    The next day we heard presentations on topics such as: Future Trends in Battery Systems, fully charged, Battery Protection; Challenges and Opportunities with Solid-State Batteries. In the afternoon we listened to presentations on: positive synergy of Semicondurctors and Lithium-Ion Batteries. The last presentation was on Battery Recycling… The whole conference was very high leveld and very interesting. Peter Gresch from PGUB Management Consultants was a very good chairman and managed very good discussions. The exhibitors were very satisfied because they met a very high level of participants. We are very happy that we can continue with the “Automotive Battery Conference” in 2020. It will take part on July 8th-9th, 2020 in Munich.

    We are looking forward to your participation.

    Incl. Guided Tour

    of the SGS e-Mobility Laboratory

    Peter Gresch

    PGUB Management Consultants GmbH

    Hans Adlkofer

    Infineon Technologies

    Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Eichel

    Forschungszentrum Jülich

    Dr. Martin Gall

    Fritz Dräxlmaier Group

    Dr. Holger Manz

    Volkswagen AG

    Nico Münch

    Webasto SE

    Dr. Oliver Spreitzer

    Strategy Engineers GmbH & Co. KG

    Hui Zhang

    NIO GmbH

    Dinner Speech
    Dr. Joachim Damasky

    Association of the Automotive Industry

    main topics 2019

    • Developments in the high-voltage battery system
    • New semiconductor technologies in practical use
    • Requirements on the onboard power system
    • Fast charging as the key technology for the enforcement of e-vehicles
    • Production of battery modules
    • Cost development in the production of automotive batteries
    • Solid cell as an alternative to the lithium ion battery
    • E-Mobility in Germany and China and Battery recycling – a new global market opportunity

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