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Digital Conference Materials I ASWS 2024

Registration from Overseas I ASWS 2025

Please use the registration form for bookings from Overseas only if you want to book the digital event and/or the registered office of the company to which the invoice is issued is not in Germany.
Please note that you must indicate the VAT ID number in the form.


Digital Conference Materials I ASWS 2024

If the registration forms are not displayed here, please make sure that you can access content on the pages and Please contact your administrator if necessary.

In case of persistent technical problems, please contact or +49 89 248815-300 (Mon-Fri: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) stating which event you would like to register for.

If you do not have a technical problem but a general question about this event, please contact the respective team member of SV Veranstaltungen, which can be found in the menu under Contact.

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